All recipients will conduct a transparent and competitive tendering process for all projects exceeding $30,000 and all project costs (except for engineering fees) must be tendered to be eligible for assistance under the program.  At a minimum, the project will be advertised in a local paper on at least one occasion. For projects with total eligible project costs under $30,000, at least 2 quotes are required to ensure a transparent and competitive process is maintained that is consistent with value for money principles.

Requests to early tender (tender in advance of formal written approval) and requests to conduct an invitational tender must be submitted in writing to the BCF-CC Joint Secretariat for their consideration along with the rationale for the request.

In the case of local road projects in rural communities, applicants must request approval of the Oversight Committee to self-tender.  In this situation, the project must be constructed by the applicant’s staff and must proceed in accordance with the BCF-CC self-tendering policy, a copy of which will be provided upon request. 

Tenders and tender decision records must be kept for program audit review.









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