Long Term Sustainability Schedule

A Long Term Sustainability Schedule must accompany the application form for the following categories:

  • Drinking Water
  • WasteWater
  • Solid Waste Management
  • Public Transit
  • National Highway System
  • Short-Sea Shipping
  • Shortline Railways
  • Local and Regional Airports
  • Connectivity and Broadband
  • Disaster Mitigation
  • Brownfield Redevelopment
  • Tourism
  • Sport
  • Culture
  • Collaborative Projects
  • Recreation

There are two Long Term Sustainability Schedules, one for Water and Wastewater categories and one for the remaining categories:

Water and Wastewater Long Term Sustainability Schedule

Drinking Water and Wastewater - GUIDE (Including Sample)


Drinking Water and Wastewater - FORM PDF/EXCEL
Other Category Long Term Sustainability Schedule
Sustainability Schedule - Other - GUIDE (Including Sample) PDF
Sustainability Schedule - Other - FORM PDF/EXCEL

Long Term Sustainability Schedules are not required for the Local Roads and Green Energy Categories.










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