Communications Protocol

Communications Guidelines for Municipalities Receiving Funding through the Canada-Saskatchewan Building Canada Fund (BCF-CC) Agreement

The following guidelines were developed to assist in preparing communications events and material for projects that are being funded through the BCF-CC.


  1. The governments of Canada and Saskatchewan must officially announce your project prior to any public event taking place.
  2. Please advise the BCF-CC Joint Secretariat of an event 15 working days prior to the planned event.
  3. The BCF-CC logos must be present on all public materials that you develop.
  4. The BCF-CC funding must be mentioned in all public materials.
  5. As funding partners, both the governments of Canada and Saskatchewan should be given the opportunity to participate.

Please contact the BCF-CC Joint Secretariat as early as possible and their communications branches to walk you through the requirements.


Communications Events

  • The BCF-CC Joint Secretariat (Western Economic Diversification Canada and Saskatchewan Ministry of Municipal Affairs) is responsible for implementing the BCF-CC, and these government departments must first make a formal joint announcement of the BCF-CC funding for your project before you can publicize it. 
  • The BCF-CC Joint Secretariat must be made aware of any potential planned public events for BCF-CC projects at least 15 working days prior to the event.  As funding partners, both the governments of Canada and Saskatchewan should have the opportunity to participate in public information activities (e.g. the launch of your project).   This lead-time will allow for Canada and Saskatchewan representatives to consider if they can participate in a project event.
  • Municipalities can plan their own BCF-CC project event(s), such as sod-turnings and ribbon-cuttings, as well as developing their own promotional materials after the initial announcement has been made.  Funding from the governments of Canada and Saskatchewan must be mentioned on all public materials.
  • The Building Canada Fund – Communities Component logo, as well as the “Canada” and “Saskatchewan” word marks, must be used on all public materials.  In addition, a BCF-CC project banner may be borrowed for public events.
  • All public information produced by municipalities funded through the BCF-CC (reports, news releases, video, internet documents, feature media stories, etc.) should indicate that the project is being implemented according to the BCF-CC Agreement.  The following paragraph may be used in your materials:

“The Canada-Saskatchewan Building Canada Fund – Communities Component (BCF-CC) is a partnership among the federal, provincial and municipal governments.  Over the program’s life, the BCF-CC will direct over $325 million in federal, provincial and municipal funding to enhance municipal infrastructure and improve the quality of life of the people of Saskatchewan through investments that support long-term economic growth and protect the environment”

  • Please consult with the BCF-CC Joint Secretariat to enquire if materials need to be translated into French.  If required, the federal government will cover the cost of official translation.
  • For further communication details, refer to the Schedule B of the BCF-CC Contribution Agreement.











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