About the Program

The Building Canada Fund - Communities Component (BCF-CC) program continues the tradition of cost-sharing infrastructure investments among the three levels of government (federal/provincial/municipal). The Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities (SARM), the Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association (SUMA) and Saskatchewan Association of Northern Municipalities (SANC) have assisted in the design of this program to ensure it meets local priorities and needs.

The Governments of Canada and Saskatchewan have each committed $94.5 million to the BCF-CC program. In the 2009 federal budget, the Federal Government announced a top-up to the BCF-CC. It is estimated that $15 million (federal portion) will be allocated to Saskatchewan once the initial BCF-CC funding is committed. Matching provincial funds are expected to be required. When combined with municipal contributions, this program is expected to inject an estimated $328.5 million in Saskatchewan's urban, rural and northern municipal infrastructure. This program will assist in the construction, renewal, expansion, upgrade or material enhancement of infrastructure across the province.

Canada-Saskatchewan Agreement (June 13, 2008)
Canada-Saskatchewan Agreement (June 13, 2008) (French)

The BCF-CC will be administered jointly by Canada and Saskatchewan through a BCF-CC Oversight Committee, supported by a Joint Secretariat staffed by implementing government departments, Western Economic Diversification Canada and Saskatchewan Municipal Affairs.

A Project Review Committee (PRC) with representation from SARM, SUMA and SANC has been established to provide input to the Oversight Committee on project proposals. The Oversight Committee forwards recommendations to the Ministers for approval. All applicants will be informed of a decision once the review, assessment and approval processes are completed.









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